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Hispanic American Law Enforcement Association

The Hispanic American Law Enforcement Association was founded in 1986, and it is composed of Federal, State, County and Municipal Police officers. The organization was established to promote fellowship among its members, and to organize and encourage activities which enhance the law enforcement image by providing a diverse community and departmental interaction through civic and social activities, and by advancing the educational, patriotic, social, cultural and moral welfare of its members and the community.


The organization provides youth with role models, utilizing personnel which have survived similar circumstances.

Its main goals are to promote and improve the quality of life of the Hispanic community and society as a whole.


     The significance of the Hispanic American Law Enforcement Patch


     Many organizations do not take the time to explain what goes into the making or meaning of a patch. Allow me to walk you through the different symbols of our patch so that you have the knowledge and understanding of why our patch is so meaningful…


  • The Hispanic Blood is historically comprised of three cultures, which are all represented on the patch. The African culture is represented by a thatched hut. The Indian culture is represented by the Indian head, and the European culture is represented by the Conquistador.

  • The blue and yellow color on the outer part of the shield signifies the New Jersey State Colors.

  • The scales, of course, as well as the battle axes, represent the Scale of Justice in the Law Enforcement.

  • The four stars represent the four divisions of government…Federal, State, County and Local Law Enforcement.

  • And finally, the American Colors are represented by the red, white, and blue colors throughout the patch.


"In Unity There is Strength"

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