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Saludos a Todos!!

The Hispanic American Law Enforcement Association, "HALEA", welcomes you!

I am pleased to extend a warm welcome on behalf of the Hispanic American Law Enforcement Association (HALEA) Established in 1986, we are a community organization composed of dedicated members from various Law Enforcement agencies, including, Federal, State, County and Municipal Police Officers. 

The primary mission of our organization is to foster fellowship among our members, enhance the image of law enforcement, and improve the quality of life within the Hispanic community. To achieve these objectives, HALEA is committed to advancing the educational, patriotic, social, cultural, and moral welfare of our members and local communities. We actively collaborate with other community organizations to organize and promote a series of engaging community events.

At HALEA, we place our law enforcement members at the forefront, offering youth the opportunity to build personal relationships with positive role models. Our members are professionals and leaders in their respective fields, many of whom have roots in the communities we serve. They understand the significance of giving back to our community and are dedicated to making a positive impact.

As a strictly voluntary organization, HALEA does not provide any executive compensation. Instead, we remain actively engaged within our communities, both locally and statewide. By partnering with similarly minded civic organizations and supporting a diverse array of community events, we strive to create a more united and supportive environment for all.

"In Unity There is Strength"


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Lizette Anderson

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